• Question: Do you think that Pluto will ever be allowed back into the solar system?

    Asked by Devi333 to Anne, Beth, COLFlight, Jon on 15 Oct 2015. This question was also asked by Barry_Mubarack.
    • Photo: Columbus Flight Directors

      Columbus Flight Directors answered on 15 Oct 2015:

      Hi Devi!
      Pluto was never kicked out of the Solar System, it is still part of it!

      It was declassified from “planet” to “dwarf planet”, because we found other “dwarf planets” as big as Pluto that had never been observed before, and it would be unfair for those dwarf planets if Pluto was still a planet 😉

      But all of those dwarf planets are part of the Solar System and the fact that they are not defined “planets” does not make them less important and less exciting to explore!

    • Photo: Beth Healey

      Beth Healey answered on 15 Oct 2015:

      I vote yes but unfortunately i’m not the one making the decisions! (As Sergio says though, it’s still there, just with a different classification 🙂 ) .

      What do you think?