• Question: Does any of you know when space was discovered?

    Asked by Daimena to Anne, Beth, COLFlight, Jon, Tom on 9 Oct 2015. This question was also asked by Russell Westbrook.
    • Photo: Columbus Flight Directors

      Columbus Flight Directors answered on 9 Oct 2015:


      Hi Daimena! Space has been around longer than the Human Race. Infact everything began with a giant explosion in Space called the “Big Bang” over 15 Billion year ago. So technically space has never been discovered because it was always there!

    • Photo: Jonathan Scott

      Jonathan Scott answered on 9 Oct 2015:

      Humans discovered space the very first time a human looked upwards!

    • Photo: Beth Healey

      Beth Healey answered on 15 Oct 2015:

      Hi Daimena!!

      Space has been for as long as time has existed. Time itself originated from the big bang. Before that who knows!