• Question: Have you built struts below your base to make it secure?

    Asked by Charlie_Maja_Grace to Beth on 12 Oct 2015.
    • Photo: Beth Healey

      Beth Healey answered on 12 Oct 2015:

      Hello! This is Adrianos from Greece, I am Beth’s predecessor as a research doctor at Concordia Station, Antarctica and I am filling in for her today due to connectivity problems over there. As i recall from my stay at Concordia, there are no struts underneath the base, but as you correctly pointed out, the terrain had to be made secure before building the Station. So what the constructors did was to compress the ice directly beneath the base before they started building. That way they made sure that the Station would never sink in the ice! It’s the same when you compress snow with your hands, doesn’t it get more compact when you make a snowball?