• Question: How does it feel to send something you made into space?

    Asked by Masaru :) to Tom on 7 Oct 2015. This question was also asked by 812trn28.
    • Photo: Tom Morse

      Tom Morse answered on 7 Oct 2015:

      Hi Masaru,

      Actually, quite incredible.

      I was lucky enough to go out to Kazakhstan to see a launch (at night) from about a mile away. No-one tells you quite what to expect, and everything looks like it is going wrong…you really dispair for all your hard work until you see the rocket start to take off. It’s quite an assault on all the senses. You can smell the fuel. As the rocket nozzles come into view, it’s like a sunrise. A few minutes later, everything is just black and calm again.

      Watching the ISS going over, knowing that there are two cosmonauts hanging off it to install your cameras is pretty amazing too.

      I wouldn’t change this job for the world!

      Good luck,