• Question: If you, like Tim Peake, were living on the ISS for half a year, what do you think you'd miss most about Earth?

    Asked by SHS 10C! to Anne, Beth, COLFlight, Jon, Tom on 12 Oct 2015. This question was also asked by Barry_Mubarack.
    • Photo: Columbus Flight Directors

      Columbus Flight Directors answered on 12 Oct 2015:

      Simon:Hi SHS 10C! I think I would miss the following:

      – Walking in a forest – any season, any weather!
      – The sound and feel of the wind!
      – A long hot shower!

      What would you miss?

    • Photo: Beth Healey

      Beth Healey answered on 13 Oct 2015:

      Well, I have been isolated here in Antarctica for almost a year (9 months of that as a crew of 13 people!). Here one of the biggest things I have missed is jumping in the sea and going for a swim!! Other things I have missed are the simple things, like fresh fruit, spending time with friends and family, shopping etc.