• Question: If you were going to stay on the ISS, what do you think the advantages would be ? What do you think would persuade you to stay there longer? What would make it better than Earth?

    Asked by Space Star!! to Anne, Beth, COLFlight, Jon on 15 Oct 2015.
    • Photo: Beth Healey

      Beth Healey answered on 15 Oct 2015:

      Hey Space Star! (cool name!)

      Nothing would have to persuade me to go or stay longer, I would go tomorrow if I could! I have always wanted to be an astronaut and go to space. While I have been here at Concordia we had a video call with Astronaut Samantha while she was on the ISS. She showed us around and through the cupola window back down to Earth. It was incredible to see the Earth from that perspective and I would love to see that for myself one day!

      I guess the main advantages I can think of would be getting to float around all day and being able to go on space walks – both of which sound pretty awesome!!

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