• Question: What do you think of bombarding mars with nucear bombs to make it habitable?

    Asked by Bananaman to Anne, Beth, COLFlight, Jon, Tom on 7 Oct 2015.
    • Photo: Jonathan Scott

      Jonathan Scott answered on 7 Oct 2015:

      I think we should think about that A LOT before we try it. I think we should also stop making our own planet uninhabitable before we start interfering with other ones.

    • Photo: Columbus Flight Directors

      Columbus Flight Directors answered on 7 Oct 2015:

      Hi Bananaman,
      btw, why would you bombard Mars with nuclear bombs?
      As far as I remember, nuclear bombs kill everything on their way and also make the area inhabitable for hundreds of years. How do you think nuclear bombs would make Mars habitable?

    • Photo: Beth Healey

      Beth Healey answered on 8 Oct 2015:

      I think that would be really sad if we did that. We have to protect our environment…

    • Photo: Anne Visscher

      Anne Visscher answered on 8 Oct 2015:

      Hi Bananaman,

      What you mentioned is a new idea about terraforming Mars: evaporating the Martian pole ice with nuclear bombs to create a thicker atmosphere and trap heat. However, I don’t think we know yet if it would really work and how many negative side effects there would be.
      Some other options that have been mentioned to make Mars warmer are: using giant orbital mirrors, covering the poles in dark dust, using GM microbes, directing an asteroid to the planet to burn up in the atmosphere, etcetera.