• Question: where do you go if you want to go to the toilet

    Asked by Davina_Poppy_Pearl to Beth on 13 Oct 2015. This question was also asked by massivefloatingbunnyrabbi.
    • Photo: Beth Healey

      Beth Healey answered on 13 Oct 2015:

      Good morning! This is Adrianos from Greece, I am Beth’s predecessor as a research doctor for the European Space Agency in Antarctica and I am filling in for her today due to connectivity problems over there.

      Our research Station, Concordia, lies in the middle of the Antarctic continent, in a protected place where all human waste has to be transported back to Europe in order to keep the environment pristine. So at Concordia we use normal-looking toilets, which however store the waste in big tanks. The waste will then be processed and later sent back. In case these toilets do not work, we have to use the “incinolets”, which again look like normal toilets, but burn the waste left inside. I prefer the first ones, as they resemble what we have at home much more!